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What's Under Desk Treadmill

Under desk treadmill refers to a treadmill that can be stored under the desk, we can walk at work, compared to the regular treadmill, it's small, lightweight, foldable, and portable, leaving a great user experience when matched with a standing desk.

Is Under The Desk Treadmill Worth It?

The one who is unfamiliar with this treadmill may ask. And I can tell you for sure, yes, of course. A small under desk treadmill has so many features and benefits that help you a lot.  Based on your lifestyle, goals, and movement ability, you can always choose one on WalkingPad to build body and relax. Walking when working and reading, become thinner and healthier.

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Why Trust WalkingPad

Owned more than 20 years experience, Kingsmith WalkingPad is quite confident to offer you several types of desk treadmills. We have a professional expert team to detect and investigate kinds of treadmills, and then make upgrades and improvements. WalkingPad under-desk treadmills perfectly conform to human mechanics, and have a good fitness effect while working. High quality, fashion appearance, compact, lightweight, and foldable features attract lots of consumers.  Besides, all WalkingPad stand up desk treadmills enjoy 1 years warranty, which saves you a lot of worries. Choose your own under desk treadmill, and start your fitness journey now. 

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2 Main Types of Under Desk Treadmills

No matter whether you're working at home or dedicated office, under desk treadmill always can change your upset mood, and letting you productive. As a compact and lightweight sport equipment, the under-desk treadmill is mainly designed to promote physical activity and reduce stress, and come true health goals. When you have to stay at the desk for several hours, under desk treadmill is your smart choice to burn calories and improve cardiovascular health.  There are mainly two kinds of under desk treadmills, one only for walking, like C1, P1, C2 and A1 Pro, another for walking and running, like R1 Pro and R2.

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Treadmill for Standing Desk Increases Work Efficiency Greatly

The standing desk is the best partner for under desk treadmill, adjust height freely, and switch working status in one second, both standing desk and treadmills are quiet, and can't distract you at all. Tired and dizzy after a long time sitting? Stand up and walk for several minutes, you will feel endless energy.

Treadmill Mat Brings You A Silent Sports Environment

Made of excellent rubber materials, the treadmill mat is popular for reducing workout sound, protecting the treadmill machine, and extending treadmill worklife.

Under Desk Treadmill Questions

Compared with traditional sport instrument, WalkingPad best compact under desk treadmill holds several unique features, such as it's lightweight, foldable, loss cost, and small volume, which enjoys high-cost performance, and is totally worth to invest, burns more calories, improves body health, prevent more neck and shoulder disease, when you're too busy to exercise, an under desk treadmill will bring you many surprises. 

1. Under desk treadmill walking pad owns low maximum speed and less function, but in return, it's portable and lightweight, as well as needs less space, which is the first choice for apartments and homes. Under-desk treadmills also design for several configurations, some own adjustable desk designs, and others can be folded, and placed under the bed and sofa.   

2. Under desk treadmills can be adjusted at different speeds on several activities, such as when doing a lot of typing, you can walk slower while watching videos, or listening to music, then you can pick up the peace.   

3. Enjoys under-desk walking mode and running mode with handle, as well as fashion digital display that traditional running machines don't have.   

4. With an under desk treadmill walking pad, we no longer have to endure the cold winter and scorching heat but can enjoy the joy of exercise, build our body, and active mind and improve health anytime.   

5. Portable and foldable design, the mini desk treadmill can improve physical activity and work efficiency, as well as increase calories burned, rich personal activity, under desk treadmill is a great choice for exercising at work.  

6. We can easily adjust speed by App for under-desk treadmills. 

I always hold one opinion, the most suitable one is the best. For different people, the best foldable desk treadmill is different. When choosing a desk treadmill, first we should think of the living environment, lifestyle, and budget. Several questions you can ask, does this fit in my space, how quiet do I need it to be, is this a realistic way for me to work, when and how I use it? 

1. Top Speed. Commonly, the average speed of folding under desk treadmill is 3mph, some also can arrive at 0.5-4 mph. We need to know one point, not all treadmill machine suit running, the largest speed also varies, if you want to use it for power walking or jogging, then it's necessary to invest in a running under-desk treadmill. 

2. Noise. If want to use it in a working environment, then a quiet state is important. 

3. Storage. For limited space, or living children or pet, foldable function, and small volume is essential. 

4. Size. If you exercise many time of the day, a compact, lightweight, portable, and foldable under-desk treadmill will be better. 

5. Control way. Usually, there are 3 control methods under the desk treadmill, the remote and smartphone, as well as panel control. Think of you need which one and choose the one suitable. 

Based on Mike, the professor of Human Mechanics, 7500 steps will be a great goal a day. But according to different physical qualities, you can set up more. 

First, compared with the inclined type, this treadmill enjoys a wide walking surface that makes sure for simple walking and makes the best use of your desk. Second, long and wide belts, safety key and handle design on foldable under desk treadmill, ensure our safety when walking at work.

Second, like other under-desk treadmills walking pad, a small portable console will help you know more about your progress, such as steps, time, distance, burned calories, and speed. Clear and outstanding two buttons can adjust the setting of the under-desk small treadmill machine as well.

Third, quiet running avoid disturbing neighbor. Walkingpad under desk treadmill equipped with a quiet motor and 8 independent short absorbers, which can control our footstep well, have a little effect for colleagues and neighbors. Usually, the voice of walking under desk is about 40 decibels, while the under desk treadmill for running is 50 decibels.

Forth, the WalkingPad treadmill holds a high safety lever, which can detect the situation when you don't stand on the belt, and it can turn off the running machine after 10 seconds.

Fifth, two wheels designed under the desk treadmill will help us move it easily. 

With hundreds of professional experts, Kingsmith WalkingPad owns kinds of excellent under-desk treadmills to meet your demand. Besides these 2 types I mentioned above, we also offer a wider footprint walking machine, which will make full use of your desk, at the same time, this shorter length won't affect the space of the office a little.  In conclusion, we have kinds of different wide designs, wider ones can use the desk space perfectly, and thin ones can be put in any place. Great quality, high safety level, compact and lightweight, as well as easy to use. Walkingpad under desk treadmill always is your best choice.

Yes. The under desk treadmill can be stored under desk, bed and sofa, offering big convenience, with it, you will move more. Compared to sitting a day long, stand up and walking indeed can burn more calories. But running is more effective than walking for losing weight. It’s been proven that running burns ten times more calories than walking.

For WalkingPad treadmills, you can put it under desk, bed and sofa after 180 degree fold. Second, you can also lean them against the wall. Third, if you have enough space, just unfold it and put under the desk is also a great choice. It is worth mentioning that, adopt to advanced fold tech, X21 can come true 360 degree fold, with the help of rollers, it's easy to store and move.

Just like traditional treadmill on gym, you walk, jog or run on the under desk treadmill. Plug in first, then adjust your ideal speed with remote or Smartphone. For running, we match with safety key and handle to ensure safety. As well as the phone holder and wide LED display bring you big convenience to know your exercise situation clearly. Finally, KS Fit APP also records all your sport datas, like speed, distance, burned calories, and time, encouraging every improvement you make.

After our experiments, the loud of under desk treadmill is 40 to 50 decibles, if add treadmill mat, the sound will reduce to 30 or less.

The outstanding features of under desk treadmill are foldable, portable, slim and lightweight, which can be used on home and office, letting us exercise anytime. Low budget and small volume let it popular around the world.

While regular treadmill offers the faster speed that can arrive at 18km/h, the under desk treadmill only can arrive at 12km/h.

If you're a long-sitting worker, and the exercise plan is always disrupted by weather or work. Or the limited space affects your movement, an under-desk treadmill is definitely a good idea, it will solve all your problems.

Actually, the walking pad is the same as under desk treadmill, the only difference is that under desk treadmill has a running function. A walking pad refers to a machine that only can be used for walking, with a maximum speed of 6km/h, we can walk or jog on it, all our walking pads are foldable and portable and can be put under the desk.

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